Welcome to the lucid . calendar

This software is no longer supported! There is a new version in the works which will be supported when completed. In the meantime, if this software helps you out, then please keep reading.

The lucid . calendar is a simple calendar application written in PHP. It is currently set up to use the MySQL database as its back end. However, I don't think it would be very hard to port it to a different database. The lucid . calendar is known to work with versions of PHP as old as 3.0.8.

You can download the lucid . calendar by clicking here. The current version is 0.22. This reflects the fact that there's still a LOT of stuff I'd like to add to it. It's perfectly usable in its current state.

The lucid . calendar is designed for situations where you have a small number of people posting to the calendar, but potentially lots of people looking at the events that are posted. It comes with a posting administrator that makes it easy to post, modify, and remove events.

It was developed primarily by Chris Lea to satisfy the needs of his clients at Lucid Designs.

The calendar is free software that is distributed under the terms of the GPL.

Several people have written asking if they could donate funds to help the continued development of the calendar, or just to say thanks. If you wish to donate, you may do so using Paypal. Just click on the logo below.

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Please note that you are NOT in any way required to pay for using this software. But donations will certainly be appreciated all the same. :)